Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Free at Last

So. 12 hours of tears* followed by 12 hours of just feeling bad, and now I feel...great!

Though I didn't make the final cut for AOA I think I raised my profile in the arts community in this state and I know I made a lot of wonderful and talented new friends. And while I won’t get the money or the great publicity I am getting something I value even more highly – time to work on my own most cherished ideas. I put aside a big project at the beginning of January ’08 to do a show at Tilting at Windmills Gallery; before the wine glasses from the opening were dry I was working on the Art of Action. Now I am free. And I am happy.

But it was hard to go to the fire meeting last night and tell the guys the news. They were incredibly nice. Of course they were.

*not literally


dsb said...

Powerful painting. I don't like it one bit. Yet it fascinates, drawing me back for another look, just like the bad news in the paper, or on television. I think of my parents as they stood outdoors watching the smoke billow out from their house. Those are some evil flames bursting through the roof. Yet inside a fireplace the sight of them would make us feel warm and cozy. I have to go back and look at it some more.

jeff f said...

Love this painting, is it a sketch for a larger one?

Sorry about the grant, these kinds of things are fickle I think.

Clair said...

Yes! Elizabeth.
You go! And I with you. We will cut new swathes in our fields and enjoy to the fullest our new comrades!

Eulalia (Lali) said...

It was a valuable experience for you. Nothing is ever wasted....

Tony Perrotta said...

Nice painting Elizabeth you really captured the night !


CharlieHunter said...

Torak! Torak! Torak!

Elizabeth Torak said...

Hi everybody, thanks for the comments!

Dale, I forgot about your parents' house - what a horrible experience; no wonder you don't 'like' this one.

Jeff, This is a sketch for one of the paintings for the grant I didn't get. It is 10" x 12"; if I gotten the grant I would have done a 30" x 36". As it is I may yet do a 20" x 24" just to develop the idea a bit more. I found I really enjoyed painting a night scene. So as Lali says - nothing is wasted.

Lali, You are right - as always!

Clair, You're a force!

Thanks Tony!

CW! CW! CW!!!;)

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