Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Moonrise, revisited

Pastel is not my medium, but every now and then I grab it when I need to think in color and don't want to get out the oils. This is a study for "Moonrise, Fire in the Valley". I like the dimensions better than the previous study in oil.


dsb said...

Different dimensions really change things. I think I like them better, too. I definitely like the bonfire placements better. Although they still give me a bit of anxiety (an aftereffect of my parent's fire), especially the one that lights up the barn. Could you get those people to have the bonfire a little further from the buildings next year?

Elizabeth Torak said...

Yes, dimension and shape are amazingly powerful.

Terrible thing to say, but I am pleased that this sketch arouses anxiety as it is part of my Art of Action proposal: a study for a painting of multiple fires in the Mettowee Valley with only one fire department to put them out - the result of consolidating sparsely populated departments. What you think are bonfires are actually meant to be house or barn fires but the sketch is too small for that level of detail.

dsb said...

Oh! Well I certainly jumped to a conclusion. Okay, truthfully, I thought you were recording some Pawlet tradition of having a bonfire on a Harvest Moon night(Which struck me as extremely dangerous), because of your description of the hike up Haystack. And I wondered at how huge you were making them. I thought they looked more like house or barn fires, but i hadn't heard of a multi-fire disaster last fall, so guess I settled on bonfires. Never mind. My thought strings are probably not all that important.

Clair said...

Elizabeth -- I have a question? Which is going to be your primary blog! Inquiring minds want to know, AND this one wants you to keep posting somewhere, anywhere!! (I'm asking, because I only see January dates.)

Elizabeth Torak said...

Clair, Thanks for the question! The short answer is that this was my blog before AOA and it will continue to be my blog now that that is all over. I have a post in the draft stage as I write. It is being held up because suddenly my images won't load- grrrr.

Anonymous said...

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