Monday, July 02, 2007

Just in case anyone is here via the Boston Globe article (thanks Daniel Grant!, Globe!, my mother!, my high school art teacher!, my dog....) here are links to the posts mentioned. This one is to the still life Fruits and Flowers...

and this link goes to the post on my other blog, Creative Process, that mentions the arm-stirring-the soup issue:

The painting you see here is the final state of a painting that I started outdoors on a recent painting trip to Monhegan Island. I've been developing the Monhegan pieces in my studio for the past few weeks and am finally satisfied with this one. I think I achieved a prismatic feeling of light breaking apart as it moves through the water-soaked air (a very, very subtle effect) contrasting with the powerful yet mysterious energy of the ocean.
Scroll down a few posts to the painting in its original state along with other works from Monhegan.


painterdog said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Read the Globe article congratulations on that. you will start to get a lot of hits from that as well as interest in your work I am sure.

I made a comment on the you last painting from Maine, it has a nice feel of movement and weight.

I noticed that your in the same gallery as Scott Burdick what do think of his work.

Elizabeth Torak said...

Thanks Jeff! And thanks for your earlier comment. I am not in the same gallery as Scott Burdick, but in a different gallery with a very similar name; you are not the first person to make that mistake! I don't know Burdick's work well enough to have an opinion.

painterdog said...

Sorry about that.
I like some of it, he's a very good ala-prima painter very slick, some of his work is to corny for my taste, but both his wife and him are real good painters. They seem to do all the 'Plein air' events in the west, which seem like strange events to me if you check out their web site the photos of them are interesting.

He travels a lot, place like India and China and paints, I think he uses photos as well.

I forgot to mention that the way you painted the green velvet in that still life was great, it really shows the texture and I can feel that soft feeling you get from the material.

It is placed in the perfect spot leading me into the painting. Good stuff.