Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I finished this yesterday, toying to the end with the balance between subtlety, clarity, and open-endedness in the final surface. I think a lot lately about the play between the face of the painting, where the brush leaves its final kiss, and its bones and flesh: the composition, the harmonic structure, the color, etc. It seems a shame not to let the surface have its own voice.
Here the brushwork varies depending on what it describes. In some places the only difference between water and mist is the action of the brush. Not that I planned it that way. It was an emotional reaction: like a piece of charcoal, my brush followed the characteristic action of water, cloud, mist, rock.
Today I gave myself the traditional day off after finishing a painting. This is my ritual; I use the day to celebrate, relax, and put some psychic and emotional space between paintings.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I truly enjoyed your beautiful painting. I sometimes don't know when to quit -- I might've done so on July 5th, but the added foreground darkness areas around the rocks was very good. Just saw your husband's demo at SVAC on Sun. It was very interesting. Would love to take his workshop in Aug., but I'll have to consider the 70 mi. r.t. every day! His name struck a resonant bell -- we both had an oil in the recent HVAA show at Gramercy Park. I was thrilled to be included--first time for me. Your work is beautiful. Doris Roberts (

Elizabeth Torak said...

Thanks Doris! Congratulations on the HVAA show; I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see it.

You won't regret it if you take Tom's class - although you will be completely exhausted between painting all day and driving - he is an extraordinary and generous teacher.