Friday, February 06, 2009

Nulla Dies Sine Linea

No, this is not one of my fellow AOA refuseés after getting The Call. It is a drawing from this week's life drawing session.

Nulla Dies Sine Linea is the motto of the Art Students League. It translates roughly as "No Day Without a Line" but it means "You should be drawing every day you schlmiel! Get out that sketch pad!"

é=alt 130 yesssss!


Eulalia (Lali) said...

This is Latin, so no diacritic marks needed. Still, what great advice, for both drawing and writing!

Elizabeth Torak said...

Thanks Lali, I actually meant that I don't know how to get an accent over the second (or rather, third)'e' in refusee so that it reads as refusee, rhymes with elysee - not refusee, rhymes with refugee!

Mariella Bisson said...

Accent you ate the positive!
Hello darlin'- look into your options menu if you are in MS Word. There are ways to press option& a key to achieve ZEE FRENCH acCENT....I tip my beret to your lovely drawing, When are we going tomove our blogs to some nicer neighborhood? Someplace near the Bateau Lavoir peut-etre?

Elizabeth Torak said...

Merci bien Mariella! Let's get a grant and go to Paris - I hear they have a great waterway!

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Clair said...

here you go Elizabeth:
Hold down the alt key and on the numeric keypad and enter

0232 for è


0233 for é

Clair said...

correction: (hands cold)

previous msg. top should read:

Hold down the alt key and on the numeric keypad enter

(there was an extra and confusing "and" in there.)

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