Friday, December 26, 2008


On December 12, 2008 the full moon was supposed to be the largest in decades (don't ask me why or how - maybe Dana Wigdor knows)

I'd been nursing an idea for a painting of the Mettowee valley flooded with moonlight and dotted with fire as part of my AOA proposal so when George Bouret (of Game Supper photography fame) e-mailed me the news about the December 12th moon and asked if I wanted to join a group hike to the top of Mt. Haystack to see it I jumped at the chance.

We decided to start early enough to catch the last of the sunset. It was pretty cold at the top - less than 10 degrees - but we stayed for an hour and took in the sunset, the after glow, and the rising of the largest and yellowest moon I have ever seen. My hair filled with icicles but it was worth it. Today I painted this little study (6" x 9") from memory and a touch of imagination...


Clair said...

If you'll allow me to stand in for Dana, I can answer your question: the moon was so large because it is the closest it's been to earth since 1993.

On the other hand, it might also be larger when it shines on Vermont. Else why the song -- Moonlight in Vermont?

marybullock2 said...

I just ran across your blog last night and love your work, but I was most struck by your comments about "number crunching". I totally empathize and am quite envious that of your ability to make a living off of your art. That is a goal that so far as elluded me.

The Figurative Realm of Mary Bullock

Tony Perrotta said...

Hi Elizabeth, All I can say is COLOR !! very nice, as is all your work.

Tony Perrotta

michelle said...

Hello Elizabeth,
Found your blog while checking out Your work is gorgeous! I will enjoy stopping in to see what's new.

dsb said...

Love this sketch, Elizabeth. Did you really hike to the top of Haystack in semi-light? That seems tough to me. And I'm chagrined to realize I haven't been saying "please" when I ask the model to change, switch or whatever. I promise to try harder. :)

Your essay "On Drawing" is wonderful, as Tom remarked in his blog.

Elizabeth Torak said...

Dale, yes I did actually hike to the top of haystack by moonlight. It was incredibly cold at the top and a more difficult hike than in summer but a beautiful journey none the less which I wouldn't have missed for the world.

"Change please" is an Art Students League phrase. I like it because it is clear, polite and reminds me of my youth. For the record, I think you guys are doing a fabulous job with sketch class. Over all I think the sessions are better than ever - you certainly get more out of the models than I was able to. Bravo!