Saturday, April 28, 2007

I know I haven't written anything about this one. At first I thought that I was not inspired to write anything because I am painting this piece in a non-verbal mode: I keep telling myself 'don't think, paint' I don't want to get caught in a maze of thought, I just want to move through this piece: feel it, paint it, don't slow down. For the most part I've been successful with this strategy: the piece is moving along nicely and is pretty close to being finished. But thought will enter in. No matter how firmly I try to close the door on thinking, imagining, trying to push to a new piece of artistic territory, those seductive thoughts find a way to reach me; barring the door only forces them in the windows and up through the floor boards. And those thoughts (in revenge?) are more powerful and insidious than ever. "Why are you content to paint what is front of you ?" they ask. "Fine so you can do a beautiful still life - but what about painting what is unseen? You know there are other dimensions, you know you see more than this, that the poetry isn't fully realized - can't you get all this in? Can't you find a better language - while retaining this one of course - why don't you reach further?


steven said...

I lurk mostly, but really, really enjoy your blog.

Elizabeth Torak said...