Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I finished this yesterday. I'm posting the accumulated photos of this piece's development with apologies because I've actually been working on it for about a month. Also the initial stages are missing. I neglected to photograph the beginning because after carefully documenting the early stages of the piece before this one I ended up wiping out. It is not often these days that I wipe out a painting but everything was wrong with that piece and it had to go. It was a great feeling to get rid of it. As soon as I started pouring the turps I knew I was doing the right thing. But when I started this piece immediately afterwards it seemed like a jinx to go through the documentation again. I let the first few days of work pass and only when I knew the painting was going to live did I start the photography.

So here's what you missed: there is a bright red underpainting under the black background.

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