Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I did this little drawing from a (gasp!) photograph. I intended it as a preparatory drawing for an etching, but I like it so much I may use it as the basis of a little figure painting.

I've always been against working from photographs. All the figure work I've done has been from life or from imagination (for that matter, all the landscape and still life work as well). I could go on at some length detailing all the arguments against working from photographs; and actually I did exactly that in an article I wrote for American Artist last fall. So it is humbling, amusing, and embarrassing to find myself making use of photographs now. But I live in a rural area with a limited selection of models and I can't afford to hire the ones I do know. And as for my imagination, I guess it is tired. I do worry that my work will deteriorate now that I have tasted the forbidden fruit.

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painterdog said...

Hello Elizabeth, very nice work.
Well you know a lot of very good painters have used photography.
Degas, Reginald Marsh, Hopper.
So I think one can use it as long as it does not become to much of a crutch.

Anyway I went to the Art Studnet League with you and your husband Tom many years ago. Both of you guys are doing great work.

If you want to see what I have been doing got to

Jeff Freedner